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Kitchens That Inspire Pt. 2

Recently I've been reflecting on how kitchen design is evolving. I'm loving some of the "out of the box" thinking that's going into new kitchen design. Instead of limiting the kitchen to just three basic finishes (cabinets, floor, countertop), the spaces are becoming showcases for different design aesthetics - as unique and varied as the people who live in them.

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Friday Finds

For me, it's never a good thing to be browsing Etsy on my phone... in bed... late at night... (it's a bad habit), but the next morning it's hilarious to see what ended up as a "favorite" at 2:30 am!

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Cool Things That Caught My Eye…

So, it's Friday, and I'm almost caught up from being out of town (you know the drill - laundry, work, cleaning, laundry, bills, errands, work, laundry...). Thank goodness the weekend is right around the corner, right?!

I wanted to finish up this week by sharing a few items that have really caught my eye.

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My Goals for 2013

I'm not one for making resolutions.

Last year I made a "resolution" to stop running 5 minutes late.

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How did I not know about this?! Am I the only one?

I stumbled upon the Rejuvenation website while I was looking for Christmas gifts for my in-laws on the Williams-Sonoma website. It's a sister company to the Willams-Sonoma brand (you know... Pottery Barn, West Elm, Yadda Yadda Yadda...)

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Surrounded By Pretty

Pretty is everywhere, finding it is the fun part.

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