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Friday Finds – Etsy Favorites

Oh, Etsy.

I love you so much...

For so many reasons...

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Etsy Artwork

I was browsing around Etsy looking for some photographs to use in my (very neglected) master bedroom. I've finished my nightstands (yay!), but refuse to photograph them until they're properly styled.

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Friday Finds – The Honeycomb

Sweet as honey...

The honeycomb mini-trend has been "buzzing" (get it?) just below the radar for a few years now.

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Friday Finds

For me, it's never a good thing to be browsing Etsy on my phone... in bed... late at night... (it's a bad habit), but the next morning it's hilarious to see what ended up as a "favorite" at 2:30 am!

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Cool Things That Caught My Eye…

So, it's Friday, and I'm almost caught up from being out of town (you know the drill - laundry, work, cleaning, laundry, bills, errands, work, laundry...). Thank goodness the weekend is right around the corner, right?!

I wanted to finish up this week by sharing a few items that have really caught my eye.

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Surrounded By Pretty

Pretty is everywhere, finding it is the fun part.

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