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Monday Inspiration – Hollywood Hills

Today's inspiration brings you some eye candy from the West Hollywood home of producer Ellen Rakieten.

It's such a lovely mix of modern/feminine, that's sophisticated and comfortable - even with all the touches of pink!

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Monday Inspiration

Good morning… er… mid-morning. (Yeah, that's kind of how we roll lately…)

I'm grabbing a few quiet seconds (while the dude is feeding the dogs noshing on some Cheerios in the highchair) to share with you some great design inspiration.

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MMI – Baby It’s Cold Outside

Yay! It's December, and that usually means that something in my brain flips a switch from "bright and sunny" to "warm and cosy".

But cozy does't have to mean sloppy.

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Monday Morning Inspiration

It's raaaaining.... It's poooouring...

Well, it isn't really pouring, but it IS raining, and that makes this girl very happy! (Hello, skinnies and riding boots...)

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Mid Week Inspiration

I know it's Wednesday, but since I didn't have a chance to get my weekly inspiration pic out on Monday, I'm riding on the philosophy of "better late than never".

Am I right?

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Surrounded By Pretty

Pretty is everywhere, finding it is the fun part.

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