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Monday Inspiration

It's been a wild couple of weeks around here. We just returned from a family visit, where we celebrated the Dude's first birthday!! I cannot believe that he's already a year old. It seems like overnight he's begun walking around the house (which still makes me do a double-take), exploring new things and creating more mischief...

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Monday Inspiration – Feminine Cool

This week's inspiration comes from the latest issue of Domino Magazine, and features the "urban oasis" of trend forecaster, Anne Ziegler's Los Angeles home.

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Monday Morning Inspiration

I'm loving me some Domino right now.

Seriously, folks. I'm just slightly obsessed with the relaunch of their magazine and their new (and awesomely interactive) website.

So, it's no surprise that I've pulled today's inspiration straight from their Holiday 2013 magazine.

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Lusting for Leopard

Not to be confused with The Lusty Leopard (…if you watch How I Met Your Mother, you'll get that.)

But, seriously. I've always had a thing for fur. Lately, it's beginning to transform into a "I-must-have-leopard-somewhere-in-my-house-right-now!" kind of thing.

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Monday Morning Inspiration – Hooray for Domino!

Ahhh, it feels good to be connected to the world again (Although, I'll admit, a little time away, was nice...). My internet connection is fixed and I'm feeling like a part of the world again - don't know if that's actually kind of sad. Oh well.

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Surrounded By Pretty

Pretty is everywhere, finding it is the fun part.

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