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Black Friday, Shmack Friday…

Okay, I know that you might be hounding all of the Black Friday sales. Heck, you might have already been up for an insane amount of time…

Still, there are some great places that you can shop, and get great deals, that might not even be on your radar.

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MMI – Turkey-Day Table

So that's my new abbreviation for Monday Morning Inspiration - MMI. Sounds kind of like a medical term but, whatever. There it is.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Like, RIGHT around the corner…. as in just a few days away.

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Friday Finds – Cozy Up

It's Friday! It's Friday!

Here are a few new finds from H&M Home.

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Friday Finds

Friday is here! And as I'm listening to the workers pound away on my pier and beam foundation (stupid old house), I'm lusting after some fun Friday finds to add to the house once the dust settles. (Is it bad to admit that I'm hoping some of my existing things will "break" in all of the rattling chaos to justify buying more stuff? Maybe? Oh well.)

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Halloween Decor Isn’t Supposed to be Cute

I'm not a fan of cutsie holiday decorations.

Like, not at all.

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Surrounded By Pretty

Pretty is everywhere, finding it is the fun part.

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