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Monday Inspiration

It's been a wild couple of weeks around here. We just returned from a family visit, where we celebrated the Dude's first birthday!! I cannot believe that he's already a year old. It seems like overnight he's begun walking around the house (which still makes me do a double-take), exploring new things and creating more mischief...

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Monday Morning Inspiration

I'm seeing green.

Not in an envy-jealous way.

Well, maybe a little bit.

I'm slightly coveting Cameron Diaz's kitchen.

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Monday Morning Inspiration – Lilly Bunn Interiors

Today's inspiration comes from New York based designer, Lilly Bunn.

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I Love You, Jeff Lewis

Of course, not in a creepy way. Well, not totally.

Much like Kelly Wearstler, I'd like to think that if Jeff Lewis and I knew each other, we'd be besties. So, he's kind of my other BFIMM (best friend in my mind).

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Monday Morning Inspiration… Back to Reality

It's always nice to get away.

Even though our trip was spurred by tragic circumstances, the time spent with family was a major silver lining.

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Surrounded By Pretty

Pretty is everywhere, finding it is the fun part.

Brave New Home

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