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Monday Inspiration

Happy Monday!

Can you believe that it’s JUNE?!

We’re officially half way into 2014, and I cannot believe it.  

Honestly, it makes me take stock of all I’ve not completed over the past six months, which is a little sobering…

but then I think about all the time I’ve had to spend with this little ball of energy, and I wouldn’t trade a second of it.



Didn’t really mean to get all deep and reflective.  Sometimes it just happens.

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend.

Mine was spent hanging by the pool with this guy.


Unfortunately, the long weekend bled into the following week, and I found myself playing catch up on all of those “little things” around the house (Hence no blog post).

Well, that, and chasing this one year old around the house.


He’s All. Over. The. Place.


But now it’s a new week, and a new Monday Inspiration.

Today I’m sharing the LA home of Rumi Neely (as seen on Domaine), the brilliance behind Fashion Toast, a style/fashion/travel/awesome blog that’s definitely a daily “must”.

The space sings to me because the color palette is so similar to my own, and the style sensibility is textured, soft, and a bit of a refined bohemian.

It’s giving me the bug.  You know, the one that makes me want to rearrange and reconfigure everything in the house.  Which is really easy and fun while chasing around the speedy one year old bandit (…this is when I sign with a bit of defeat, and just settle for looking at pictures of other people’s homes).










Check out the anatomy of her space, and how to incorporate some of her chicest pieces into your own home right here.


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