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Tips & Tricks Thursday – DIY Headboards

In my never-ending quest to finish my master bedroom (I laugh at the work “finish”, because honestly, nothing in my home is ever finished… even when it is.  Sigh.)

I’ve gone through the idea of roughly twenty-five different headboards.  

As you know, when it comes to my own home, I’ve ridiculously indecisive.  It’s lame, but it’s who I am.

So today, my indeciciveness is the inspiration for today’s T&T:

Four DIY headboards that have caught my eye – and made me even think (for about ten minutes) that I would actually make one to “finish” my master….

1.  Velvet Diamond – Tufted Headboard

by Glitter and Goat Cheese


2.  Upholstered Nailhead Trim Headboard

by Casasugar

This is the one I’m leaning toward.

Cost effective?  Check.

Super quick and easy?  Check and check.

Looks good?  Check (although if I’m honest, the quick and easy factor is a pretty big Trump card on this one…)


3.  Statement Fabric Headboard

by All Things Thrifty

All things thrifty

4.  Extra-Wide Fabric Headboard

by Fabric Paper Glue

I also absolutely LOVE this idea – and color!

Green Headboard

I think they’re all pretty good contenders, just depending on the amount of time and energy I want to put into it.  Time is at a premium around here right now, so that is a major factor in the decision.

How about you?  Do you have a favorite – or any other suggestions?


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