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Gotta Have It… A Look For Less

Ahhh, Scandinavian style.

Nothing makes me feel more giddy than light wood, fur, and killer design.

So when I saw this little beauty over at West Elm, I couldn’t help but pause…and then fall in love.

Well, maybe, more like fell in lust.

Like, the i-need-to-have-this-RIGHT-NOW kind of feeling (…don’t pretend you have no idea what I’m talking about).

How awesome is this fur and leather sling chair?  EXTREMELY.  AWESOME.

Fur Leather Sling Chair

The problem is that I absolutely refuse to invest $900 on a chair when I know Hurricane Ellis lurks around every corner.  (It’s hurricane season in the Carson home for, like, the next 3 years of my life….)

And now, my beloved chair is actually no longer available in this incarnation.  It’s only available minus the fur. (Bummer.  But it makes me feel a teensy bit good that no one else can enjoy it either.),

So now my need to recreate the look has become even more of a quest.

I tapped into the first low cost, resource of Scandinavian design that popped into my head – IKEA, of course.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

Here’s what I came up with…

The Ikea Trendig 2013 Armchair (which also comes in white and red – which could be really fun)

Price: $89

Trendig Chair

Trendig Chair

The Rens Sheepskin rug, which, being a little bit larger, might be well suited to cover the entire seat. (There is also the smaller Tejn Faux Sheepskin which could work, too.  It’s only $10)

Price: $29

Ikea Rens Sheepskin

Rens Sheepskin

I know it’s not an exact match (…just waiting for the Trendig to come in a bleached wood), but I really like the idea.  And for just over $100, I feel like it’s a no brainer.  I’m trying to see if I can fit it as an accent chair in my bedroom…  We’ll see how R feels about that.

What do you think about this look?  


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  1. It’s not an exact match but it’s awesome and might even look better 😉

    February 19, 2014

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