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Pining For My Past

Every year around this time, I open up my new issue of Interior Design magazine, and with a deep sigh I begin to long for the days of bustling office atmospheres, “lunch-and-learns”, innovative design collaboration.

Yes, a long time ago (…well, 7 years…), in a galaxy far, far away (…a wonderful place called Colorado…), I was a commercial interior designer.

Right now, I miss it very much.

What brings out this melancholy each and every year?

NeoCon, Chicago.

That’s what.

Why, you ask? What’s so special about NeoCon?

I will tell you.

The incredible amount of AMAZING products showcased at this awesome event! That’s what. πŸ™‚

Now, it’s not that there aren’t products that can be used in residential interiors (there are), but the commercial-leaning products are just… really, really cool. (…she says with such eloquent maturity…)

So, since I’m pining away for days gone by, and looking at some amazing new designs, I thought I’d share some of my favorites (…and ID award winners) with you.

And you know I’m looking for ways to incorporate each of these things into residential interiors. Seriously.

Juxta series by Keilhauer

(designed by Eoos)

A collection of seating and tables “designed to address all the juxtapositions in our working lives.”

This series has 74 different products. Just brilliant! I love the mid-century vibe that the pieces reflect.

Juxta by Keilhauer

Juxta by Keilhauer

Juxta by Keilhauer

Juxta by Keilhauer

Line by Davis Furniture

(Designed by Michael Schwebius)

I’m a little obsessed with this – and I could really put in my house!!!

Who knew that simple MDF painted poles could be so sick (…meaning awesome)!

(hmmmm… DIY knockoff? Just kidding. Maybe)

Line by Davis Furniture

Line by Davis Furniture

Line by Davis Furniture

Line by Davis Furniture

Asa Chair by HBF

(designed by Todd Bracher Studio)

Is it alright to want these as my dining room chairs?

Asa by HBF

Asa by HBF

Gravy by Koncept Technologies

Start with an innovative desk lamp design, and the rest is just GRAVY. (See what I did there? I crack myself up.)

I’m beginning to think that I’ve procrastinated getting a new desk lamp because I was subconsciously waiting for this…

Gravy by Koncept

Gravy by Koncept – White Oak

…or this

Gravy by Koncept - Walnut

Gravy by Koncept – Walnut

…or this

Gravy by Koncept - Maple

Gravy by Koncept – Maple

Wall Panels by Ode Creative

Beautiful plywood panels that would make a statement in any home.

(…hmmmm my dining room would look fab with two side by side…I’m sensing another DIY project)

They’re constructed in a marquetry-type process and come in standard sizes of 4’x4′ and 4’x8′


Chandelier, Chevron, Bracelet

Chandelier, Chevron, Bracelet

Hexagon Eco Solution Q Carpet Tile by Shaw

Remember way (way, way) back when I was talking about how I loved all things hexagon. Now, it’s everywhere I turn.

I take credit for the trend.

And I really, really, really love this carpet tile.

John Peterson Installation

John Peterson Installation

Chris Heard and Stephen Wells Installation

Chris Heard and Stephen Wells Installation



Recessed Ceiling Cloud by Seeyond Architectural Solutions

This one speaks for itself.

Although I don’t really see a residential application here, you never know…



Saya Sled Base, Stool, and Mini / Cushions by Arper

I’m hooked on the simple silhouettes and European style of anything Arper has to offer.

I’m especially loving their five new pillow designs: Owl, Leaf, Lines, Pleats, and Grego.

SAYA Collection

SAYA Collection



Drooling yet? I know I am. And my heart breaks just a tiny bit.


I’ll get over it. Until next year.


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