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Post Holiday Inspiration

No doubt you’re finding it difficult to get back in the swing of the work week after a nice, long, relaxing holiday weekend.

I know I am – (especially the fact that it was, like, 500 degrees here yesterday).

…and now I just realized how much I complain about working, being tired, and needing a pick-me-up….

Wow.  That was a moment of self awareness.

Sorry for all the negativity, guys.  I blame the heat… It makes me crazy, er, cranky.  Well, maybe crazy, too.

Just ask my sweet husband.  Poor guy.

Okay, I’m getting WAY off topic.

Today I have such a fun inspiration pick-me-up… because who really doesn’t love the bright, cheery, loveliness of Jonathan Adler?  The colorful whimsey of his home with Simon Doonan (as seen in the latest issue of Lonny) is enough to make anyone smile… and feel like skipping down the street.  Well, maybe that’s just me.



via Lonny

via Lonny

via Lonny

via Lonny

via Lonny


via Lonny

via Lonny

via Lonny

Five Tips to Create a Signature Adler Style – From the Man Himself…

1.  Beach Towels

“I love to use them all year round.  They’re colorful and groovy and a bit unexpected.  For extra insouciance, stack them on a chair – it’s a nice way to layer your loo.”

2.  Brass Objects

“Every room could use a bit more luminosity.  Reflective surfaces open up a space and are guaranteed t make your chakras tingle.”

3.  Geodes

“Miles van der Rohe was so wrong:  more is more is more!  An eclectic assortment of artfully arranged, densely ‘scaled geodes let the world know just how glamorous and eccentric you are.” 

4.  Obelisks

“A good obelisk adds much-needed height and oomph to any arrangement.  Go neoclassical for a grand-tour vibe or minimal and Lucite for hard glamour.  Get obelisked!”

5.  Offbeat Art

“Make art out of the unexpected:  it’s both inexpensive and irreverent.  The ‘art’ in our stairway is actually pages out of a vintage pirelli pinup calendar from the ’70’s”

via lonny

via lonny

via Lonny

via Lonny

via Lonny

via Lonny

via Lonny

via Lonny

via Lonny

via Lonny

via Lonny

via Lonny

“Just let rip and use your style of self-expression rather than trying to figure out what the conventions are…

it’s a terrible thing to do in your interiors or your personal style.” – Simon Doonan

Words of wisdom!

What do you think of Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan’s style?


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  1. I so needed this. It’s like Jonathan’s colors replenish some dismal part of my soul.
    Love the longhorn lamp and the painting of the lady holding up her dress. That is what I’m seeing, right? A flasher? If it is, I love it. If not, sorry for being a perv. 😀

    September 3, 2013
    • You’re not a perv – It’s totally a flasher. I love that it’s so cheeky! Haha!


      September 4, 2013

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