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Obsessed? Yes. Yes I am.

I’m on a mission.

Yesterday I was flipping through the latest issue of Veranda, and literally (yes, literally) did a double take when I saw these vintage Bielecky Brothers rattan sleigh beds.  Now, they’re all that I can think about.  


Most certainly.

…I don’t even think about the fact that I have NOWHERE to put them… It doesn’t matter.  I NEED them… or something like them.

So, now I’ve begun my search.

At first scouring on-line shops specializing in vintage rattan… then to Etsy… here’s what I’ve come up with.  In my opinion, not as fabulous as the originals, but they are relatively comparable (…especially considering the before mentioned fact that I have no place for them right now.  Minor detail, really…)

Palm Beach Regency

Palm Beach Regency

Creek Street Unique via Etsy

Creek Street Unique via Etsy

via Lonny

via Lonny

Retro Daisy Girl via Etsy

Retro Daisy Girl via Etsy

…love this!

Serena and Lilly

Serena and Lilly

Okay, I’ll be completely honest… I think my obsession is spreading from beds to other pieces of furniture.  Maybe it’s the idea of the added texture and 70’s vintage feel, but browsing through the Bielecky Brothers catalog, I’m thinking of ways to incorporate the rattan étagère shelves, or the double chest from their Cane collection (among other things)…


double chest

How do you feel about rattan?

Love it or hate it?  I won’t take offense.  I’ll just tell you you’re wrong. (…just teasing…but not really…)

Any insights on where I can find some beds like the ones in the mag pic?


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