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Friday Finds – H&M Home

Seriously.   What is H&M trying to do to me?  They’re making my life really difficult.

As you already know, I seem have an issue with stores that offer really chic home accessories (okay, or clothes…) for a reasonable price (…*cough* Zara *cough* Target *cough*…).  I have no control.  I want everything.

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

H&M was always one of those stores, but I was protected by the fact that they did not sell on-line in the US, so the closest store to me was in Dallas – still a little bit of an afternoon drive away.  Not to mention the fact that they didn’t even offer home selections.

Now, both of those buffers are blown out of the water.  Thanks H&M.

Not only to they now offer on-line shopping in the US, they have started a line of homeware and home accessories.  I’m excited and petrified at the same time.  I know it’s crazy, but I know myself.  This could get very dangerous…

Well, crazy loves company, so here are some of my favs from H&M’s new home collection.  It’s still pretty small, limited mainly to pillows, vases, and such, but there are definitely some gems in there.  I’m hoping that they’ll continue to expand with new items like accent furniture and lighting (a la Zara Home!).

Black and White Cushion Cover - $14.95

Black and White Cushion Cover – $14.95

Candle - $5.95

Candle – $5.95

Glass Vase - $7.95

Glass Vase – $7.95

16x28 Cushion Cover - $17.95

16×28 Cushion Cover – $17.95

Beige Duvet Cover Set - $24.95

Beige Duvet Cover Set – $24.95

Candleholder - $9.95

Candleholder – $9.95

Decorative Letters - $12.95

Decorative Letters – $12.95

Storage Basket - $14.95

Storage Basket – $14.95

Turquoise Duvet Cover Set - $29.95

Turquoise Duvet Cover Set – $29.95

Ceramic Jar - $12.95

Ceramic Jar – $12.95

Satin Cushion Cover - $12.95

Satin Cushion Cover – $12.95

Be sure to check it out.  There’s plenty more to see…

Which is a good thing and a really bad thing.  Sigh.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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