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Good Partnership, Great Cause

I’m talking about the most recent collaboration:

FEED USA + Target.

You all are well aware that Target is a very dangerous place.  For me…err…really, for my wallet.

Forget just “running in” for one quick thing.  I cannot walk out of those breezy, automatic doors without at least three extra (and most likely really awesome) things that I didn’t even realize that I really, really needed.

It’s a sickness.

…and I totally blame those pesky, ingenious Target puppet-masters.


Well, this recent collaboration won’t help my sickness.  Actually, because Target has teamed with such a great cause only gives my rationalizations further weight.  FEED, began as a plight to provide meals to children around the world.  It began when model Lauren Bush (yup, relation to good ‘ole George W.) designed a “feed” bag to benefit the United Nations World Food Programme’s School Feeding program.  From there the bags were sold to raise funds and awareness of world hunger.  The idea evolved into the nonprofit organization FEED Foundation, and today, they are working to fight hunger and eliminate malnutrition throughout the world.  You can check out the FEED website and original FEED gear here (they’ve actually partnered with Rachel Roy to create some adorable totes – I want one!).

FEED USA + Target is focusing awareness on hunger in the United States.  The collection will feature over 50 lifestyle products ranging from apparel to home goods.  Plus, you can see how many meals your purchase will provide!

The collection launches June 30.

Here are some of my favorites:

Love the polka dots!

Toss Pillows $25 = 20 Meals

Toss Pillows $25 = 20 Meals

Stoneware Pan $20 = 16 Meals

Stoneware Pan $20 = 16 Meals

I want these!

Appetizer Plates $10 = 8 Meals

Appetizer Plates $10 = 8 Meals

Large Totes $35 = 28 Meals

Large Totes $35 = 28 Meals

I know I don’t do clothes (hmmm… maybe I should start…)… but these are just too adorable!

3 Pack Onesies $20 = 15 Meals

3 Pack Onesies $20 = 15 Meals

Love the vintage look of this.

Serving Bowl $25 =20 Meals

Serving Bowl $25 =20 Meals

Set of 3 Notebooks $7 = 3 Meals

Set of 3 Notebooks $7 = 3 Meals

Wire Storage Bin $25 = 20 Meals

Wire Storage Bin $25 = 20 Meals

I’m excited to see this collection in person, so I’ll definitely be checking it out this weekend.

One can never have too many throw pillows…

…and being a worthy cause makes it totally okay to lighten the wallet a little bit.

Or at least it justifies my justification, right?


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  1. Ann Milne #

    love this! definitely going to check it out.

    June 26, 2013

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