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Friday Finds

Hooray for the weekend!

Do you ever feel like the weekdays are a freight train moving at high speeds, and all you can do is run along side the tracks, trying your hardest to catch up?  But you can’t?  

Well, that’s how I’ve been feeling for the past few weeks.  It sucks (…sigh).

So I know I’m a little behind the design “eight-ball” with today’s Friday Finds.  But I was scurrying (yes, scurrying…) through Target, and noticed Nate Berkus’s new spring collection.  The organic ceramic and deco-inspired pieces really caught my eye (and tempted my wallet…).  I think they’d be a great spring pick-me-up for the house.

I’m happy that Nate has contracted with Target (In my mind I like to consider him my design-boyfriend…), but, honestly, I felt that his initial collection fell a little bit short (There were two or three pieces I really liked, but the rest was…well…).  I’m hopeful that each collection will continue to get better and better.  Here are my favorites from Spring 2013:

…Oh, and one positive thing about being a bit behind?  Many of the items are now on sale in stores and on line!  (…I’ll admit it, that makes me feel a little bit better…)

La Rouse Mirror - $30 on sale

La Rouse Mirror – $30 on sale


Dipped Bowl - $16 on sale

Dipped Bowl – $16 on sale

Chevron Storage Box - $11 on Sale

Chevron Storage Box – $11 on sale

Geometric Toss Pillow - $20 on sale

Geometric Toss Pillow – $20 on sale

Hopefully I’ll catch up to that freight train soon…

Have a wonderful weekend!




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