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Tips & Tricks Thursday – Rugs Part Deux

Todays T&T is a continuation from last weeks look at how rugs can have a big impact on interior spaces.

As promised, here are two completely different looks using the same rugs that I have in my own home:  the Olin rug from Crate and Barrel, and a Threshold area rug from Target.

Now, if you’re like me (and in this case, I hope you are…), you might need a little memory refresher.

Things tend to have a pretty short shelf life in my brain… Sigh.


(…and my current living room)

Using the bold stripe to unify different patterns and a mix of finishes.  

The rug actually neutralizes all the different elements and brings them into harmony. 



Using the rug as an anchor for a simplified color palette.  

The bold stripe adds interest and creates a dramatic effect.


Rug . Sofa . Chair . Benches . Coffee Table . Floral . Artwork . Lamp . Drapes . Pillows .  Vases


(…and my sort of current TV room)  

I used my neutral Target rug to anchor the space and be a grounding element for the dark walls and colorful pillows.



I used this rug as an addition to an already light and neutral color palette.  

The subtle pattern helps to add interest, but doesn’t detract from the airy and natural feel of the space. 


Sofa . Tables . Chair . Lamp . Sofa Pillows . Chair Pillows . Throw . Vases . Mirrors

Now, you might have caught that I used the term “sort of” when referring to my TV room.

This is because I actually pulled the trigger on buying a new rug for that room!

Thanks to Jennifer at Brave New Home (Seriously.  Check out her blog.  She’s awesome!), who gave me an amazing tip, I was able to purchase my very own Beni Ourain look alike for a price that I won’t mind my dog peeing on.

Well, I really WILL mind, but I’m just sayin’, the price was right

(…and if you didn’t get that whole “peeing” reference.  You can get a refresher here).

I got it on Monday and I’m in love!

But that’s a whole other post…

(Here’s a tease, though.  Just for fun…)



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  1. The black and white one is still my favorite but I also love your new rug and the pee comment makes me laugh because that’s always a problem when you have pets 😉

    April 4, 2013
  2. …and kids who are potty training…le sigh…

    Thanks for the shout out, btw : ] I love all your mood boards!

    April 4, 2013
  3. love all of the combinations you’ve come up with 🙂

    April 8, 2013

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