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I had three things on my To Do List this past weekend.

1.  Paint the guest bedroom white

2. Attach the pulls to our dressers (to FINALLY be finished with this ridiculous Ikea hack)

3. Plant some flowers in the pots by the front for (the ones that have been sitting bare for over three months.  Life.  Sigh.)

I called these items “The Trifecta” – as in, “R, do you think we’re going to really complete ‘The Trifecta’ this weekend?”

The answer, of course, was no.

But…I still get some points for completing 1.5 of The Trifecta (…don’t know what that would be called…maybe the pseudo-double-fecta?)

First, our front planters are no longer naked – a fact that I’m sure my garden savvy neighbor is grateful for.  Hooray!  Some simple, large impatience did the trick.  Usually I’m pretty good with creating fun seasonal floral vignettes, but life has just been way too busy (you know, the one-week-bleeds-into-the-next type of busy).  This spring I just needed something simple, low maintenance, and pretty.

Check number 3 off the list.


My trusty gardner…


Daddy’s helper…

As for painting the guest room?  That’s where the .5 comes in.  I want to paint it white, but am not going to be painting the trim, so finding the correct shade to match is going to be tricky.  I think I’ve narrowed it down to three choices: Benjamin Moore’s White, Super White, or Decorator’s White.  It’s absolutely ridiculous how many shades of white are out there.  Absolutely.  Ridiculous.

I’m afraid Decorator’s white might pull to grey against the trim, but I used it in my bathroom a while ago, so I figured since I have some hanging around, I’ll give it a shot.  Pretty sure it’s going to make the trim look dirty, though.  Stay tuned…

I’m really loving the idea of crisp white right now.  Maybe I just need a rest from color (even, dare I say, grey….)  Finding inspiration here:

Wolfgang Bankhen

Wolfgang Bankhen

via BHG

via BHG

via Decor Pad

via Decor Pad


Haven’t gotten to the dresser yet.

The dang things are sitting in my dining room going on three weeks now!  Lame?  Yes.  The pulls need to be installed using a router, which takes more time and effort than using a simple screwdriver… which means they’ve officially moved down The List.



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  1. I’m totally feeling you with the white walls. I’ve been itching to paint walls white lately too.

    April 2, 2013

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