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Cool Things That Caught My Eye…

So, it’s Friday, and I’m almost caught up from being out of town (you know the drill – laundry, work, cleaning, laundry, bills, errands, work, laundry…).  Thank goodness the weekend is right around the corner, right?!

I wanted to finish up this week by sharing a few items that have really caught my eye.  


I’m developing some MAJOR crushes right now…

DemiLav sink by Kohler

I’m usually pretty cautious when it comes to anything that looks like a vessel sink (not a fan, sorry), but I’m really attracted to this “wading pool” style sink basin.  I think the thing that does it for me is the variety of fun colors that it comes in – 26 to be exact!  (Especially loving the Vapour Green and Iron Cobalt) So much fun!   (Melissa, how awesome would one of these be in your new house!?)

DemiLav by Kohler $469-$795

DemiLav by Kohler $469-$795

Nicole Porter Table Linens and Bowls

I recently discovered Nicole Porter and her line through Interior Design Magazine’s showcase on the New York International Gift Fair.  I instantly fell in love with her style (I love Texas and I Love California napkins? What’s not to love?!).  I love her modern interpretation on timeless pieces.   She is based in New York City and doesn’t have anything in stores here in Texas (yet).  Fortunately for me, her products are available on-line at or her Etsy shop.

Nicole Porter Napkins $28 / four

Nicole Porter Napkins $28 / four

Nicole Porter 7" Bowl $45

Nicole Porter 7″ Bowl $45

ELK Lighting Vichuva Chandelier

ELK lighting has been around for a long time.  They’re a great “go-to” source for interior residential lighting.  Pretty standard.  But flipping through one of their catalogs, I cam across this – the Vichuva 15-light chandelier.  I fell in love.  It’s very organic.  Very Art Nouveau.  It reminds me of water dripping off tree branches, or even ice frozen off of tree branches (I saw a lot of that last week!).  Overall, it’s just beautiful.

ELK Vichuva Chandelier

ELK Vichuva Chandelier

Dog Bow Ties from Charlie Be Good on Etsy

Just before Christmas last year, I wanted to get some bow ties for the pups (don’t judge me).  I began my search on Etsy, and found a great shop called Charlie Be Good (Okay, the logo alone just cracked me up.  This is my kind of girl!).  The problem was that I started my search too late.  The shop owner, was located in Paris, and I missed the cutoff for shipping by Christmas (sigh.).  So, now I’m thinking that I want some bow ties for the spring.  I can’t resist.

Bow Ties $15 / ea

Bow Ties $15 / ea

Don’t tell me they wouldn’t look dashing…IMG_1350

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


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  1. Gotta have the CA and TX napkins! And the babies need their bow ties!

    February 2, 2013
  2. Tiina – Do you mean me Melissa about the sink? If so, I bet one would be super cool but my color-averse hubby would totally put a stop to that in a hot minute. Maybe you’ll need to come out and do a design consultation with us before we demo and redesign. 🙂 I dig that chandelier, btw…

    February 5, 2013
    • I was absolutely referring to you, Melissa! I think we need to begin our plot for you to have one of those sinks!!! xo


      February 5, 2013

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