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I’m Back… Well, kind of…

Well hello, again… and happy 2013!

I’m finally back in town and ready to start the new year off fresh. I had a wonderful holiday visiting with friends and family. I hope your holiday time was memorable, too.

 Although it was hard to leave, it’s always refreshing to get back to reality.  We were gone for over two weeks, and by that point I couldn’t even keep track of what day it was (which is nice for a bit, but after a while, my psyche gets a little screwy!).

So now it’s back to reality.  Client projects… DIY projects… they’re all waiting, and I’m feeling that itch to jump in, feet first, and tackle them (I kind of picture myself like a really cool design ninja.  Yes, I went there again with ninjas).

I’m feeling a bit behind the eight-ball, so to speak (it IS already the 7th of January), so I’m taking today to get my head back in the game.

This month I’m hoping to tackle a few new DIY projects (hello nightstands!), complete some more e-design projects, and put the finishing touches on the Mira Vista project.

It’s going to be an exciting year, and I’m happy that y’all are along for the ride!

But, for one last look back at the holidays, here are a few pics from my trip of things that caught my eye:

Amazing (and retractable) glass roof at the City Creek Shopping Center, Salt Lake City, UT



Gorgeous architectural details from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in downtown Salt Lake.

(By the way, if you’ve never been to Salt Lake City, I would recommend it!  They’ve really stepped up their game in shopping and dining, and the architecture alone is extremely beautiful.  Many of the city’s new additions – including City Creek Shopping Center – have maintained original building facades, giving the downtown a feeling of historic charm, which I’m a MAJOR sucker for!  I just wish I’d taken more pics.  Sigh.)



I want this chair!



The Historic Bonneville building, with classic 60’s features.  I was in love!



I can’t wait to see what the new year brings!



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