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Chocolate, Lifetime Movies, and Twilight (…yes, Twilight)

I had a fabulous weekend.

This came as a result of me doing absolutely NOTHING work related at all!  Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE what I do – but the past few weeks have been a bit crazy, and I needed some time away to recharge my brain.

The timing couldn’t have been better.

We had a friend’s 15 year old daughter staying with us (which is always fun), so my weekend consisted of doing my nails, eating salted chocolate, lounging on the sofa, and watching cheesy Christmas movies on Lifetime.


I know, I know… I could have easily done these things by myself, but it was so much fun to have company during my lazy (and it was definitely lazy – don’t judge) weekend.  Plus, life has been so hectic lately, I don’t feel the least bit guilty for being completely unproductive!  I love that!

We did make it out of the house on Friday night, though.

We ventured out to see a movie…

A movie I probably wouldn’t have seen unless I was with said 15 year old…

We saw Twilight – Breaking Dawn part 2

I won’t go into a full movie review here.  It was tolerable.  There was a lot of angst, melodrama, and Taylor Lautner with his shirt off – which delighted my 15 year old friend, but made me feel like a dirty old lady for looking.  (…and poor R was dragged along with us.  I think at one point, I saw him pull out his phone and begin to play games.  He’s a trooper.)

There was one thing that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of, though.  The interior design of the Cullen homes!  Especially the main Cullen residence.

In the book it’s described as a luxury modern home secluded in the woods.  In reality it’s owned by John Hoke, director of footwear design for Nike.

In MY (imaginary) reality – I live there.

Its earthy, modern interior embraces the natural surroundings of the forrest and definitely omits a zen-like vibe.  I feel like no mater what stresses were in my life, if I lived in this house, I’d walk around completely relaxed… and maybe naked… even with all the windows…


The interior is anything but cold.  I love the rich wood tones that warm up the sleek lines and concrete accents.  The plush textures help to balance out all of the hard surfaces, and who needs artwork when you have massive full length windows showcasing the outside elements.  The interior feels like its pulled from the pages of a Design Within Reach catalogue.








How I would style a Cullen-esque living space…


What do you think of the Cullen home?



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  1. I just drooled on my keyboard.

    December 11, 2012

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