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Tips & Tricks Thursday

This weeks tip came to me late last night (about 12:00 am, actually) as I was scrambling to prepare the guest bedroom for someone who was coming to visit for a few days.  

Now, you all know that storage is at a premium at my house… seriously.

So being that we have only two bedrooms, no one using said second bedroom, and NO storage – it’s only obvious that we would slowly transform the guest bedroom into a catch-all / storage / “put-it-in-there-because-I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-it” kind of room.  I’m sure that some of you can relate…

Anyway, back to my frantic cleaning spree.

After the room was cleared out (don’t ask where everything went, I had to get very creative…), I realized that I wanted to freshen it up “design-wise” but din’t know what to do without spending too much time.

Enter the IKEA comforter set.

It’s something I bought a few months back (on a whim, of course) for $30, and tucked away in the pile of linens that are stacked (yes, stacked) in my laundry room.  I decided that since I was washing everything anyway, I would swap out the existing comforter set for this cute gray polk-dot one.   Throw in two existing chevron pillows and a striped lumbar pillow, and voila!

What a difference!




I wish that I had taken a “before” picture so that you could truly understand what I’m talking about!

It’s such a quick and inexpensive way to change the feel of a bedroom.  I’m usually not a fan of “bed-in-a-bag” types of linens, but IKEA’s sets incorporate fun patterns, prints, and colors.  And for the price ($30-$50), you can’t beat ’em!

Here are some of my favorites…

Ikea Comforters

Now if we could just get an IKEA in Fort Worth…

Well, actually, that might be a bit dangerous…



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  1. Tina – you make good decorating seem so effortless.

    December 6, 2012
  2. Benji – you are far too kind! Thank you.


    December 10, 2012
  3. Tina #

    It looks fab! I love the pop of color in the lumbar pillow. Perfect space for a weekend guest!

    December 10, 2012

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