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Another Monday…

Here we are.  Another Monday.  You know what I’m talking about.  The time that you need to take a deep breath and prepare yourself to do “it” all over again…

Work (and life) has been pretty busy lately, which is never really a BAD thing – it just makes it a bit more difficult to keep up with blogging (um….like only publishing two posts last week!).

This past week consisted of some follow-up consulting work for an e-design living room I’ve been working on (pics to come – I promise… I’m so bad with that!).  It’s the second room I’ve done for this client, and we’re working to bring in a polished, but livable feel to her living room – with tailored furniture, pops of color, and just a touch of natural textures to add balance.

Tate Living Room

I spent a large portion of last week working on the Mira Vista remodel.  The job is winding down, and the end is definitely in sight (making my clients VERY happy campers!).  The hardwood floors were finished last week (gorgeous!), custom rugs are on order, and we finally made a carpet selection for the entry staircase – which is going to look SO beautiful!




Sprinkle in teaching three RPM/Spinning classes,  various meetings, blogging, Christmas shopping (I’m really trying NOT to procrastinate this year!), family time – and you get the idea.

I love it all, don’t get me wrong, but I was definitely ready for some down time.

and for a night out on the town with my people…

and to eat delicious parmesan and truffle risotto…

and gelato (sigh)…




How was YOUR weekend?



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  1. Tina #

    Yes, please keep us posted with after pics of the e-design living room! I love seeing your work!

    December 10, 2012

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