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Tips & Tricks Thursday – Go Green

By “go green” I’m meaning less in the sense of environmentally conscious (which, of course, is super important), but more in the sense of actually using the color green.

Emerald green, to be more specific.  Yes, I’ve got a new color crush (sigh).

Have you ever wondered why plants seem to add such balance to a space?  There is something very restful about the right shade of green.  It can compliment any color palette.  In a way it becomes its own “neutral” hue, and keeps an interior space feeling fresh and inviting.

You could use the same concept with the right tone of green (minus the plant) – and, like I mentioned before, right now I’m having a major crush on emerald tones.

Maybe it’s seeing the rich, saturated jewel tones of the season – or wanting to add some holiday “punch” to all of the gray in my house.  Emerald hues are a fantastic way to add a some holiday flair without looking too conventional.


Pair it with citron, jade, turquoise, or even pink for a bold approach.

Keep it simple and sophisticated by pairing it with a bright white.

Natural texture like jute and sisal will tone down the drama, and give a more casual, earthy vibe (which I love!).

You could add a little or a lot, either way, this color will have major impact!  So (I’m standing on my imaginary soap-box now…) forego the standard Olive, Sage, and Mint (for now), and try something fresh – and maybe just a little bit BOLD.  You’ll be surprised how much fun it can be!


Leslie Yvonne Lundgren

Cristi Holcombe

via Lonny

O Interior Design

via Lonny

via Lonny

via Lonny

Kelly Wearstler via Pinterest

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There are so many ways to incorporate emerald green into your home.  (I’m opting for the botanical pillow from Etsy – my new FAVORITE site!)

The tip today is to USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

You don’t have to buy the (gulp) $1,300 Dwell Studios Green Diamond Artwork… Make your own!

Want to add some style… use Krylon’s Emerald Green spray paint and paint a collection of old glass vases you have laying around (or pick up at the Dollar Store!).  Arrange them in a group on your coffee table or shelf for an ultra chic collection!

And remember, spray paint isn’t limited to glass vases.  You could freshen up an old lamp base, picture frame, side table, bowl, etc…

Whatever you do, just have fun with it!!!!



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