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What I Did This Weekend

I finally feel like I can breathe again!

I spent this weekend purging all of the junk that was in our (tiny) house.

All I can say is, “Ahhhhh…”  

I’m the type of person that finds clutter unsettling, and living in a small house means that “clutter” piles up pretty quickly.  Purging all of the crap… I mean, stuff… has been high on ‘The List‘ for quite some time now, but it was such a daunting task, that I was always putting it off.  Finally, I used an open weekend and a new coffee table as an excuse to clear it all out and begin a design overhaul!

I’ll admit that this may sound a bit contradictory, but I’m moving toward a more “collected over time” look (inspired by Nate Berkus – love!).

How does this not conflict with my clutter claustrophobia?

The answer lies in the fact that each “collected” piece is strategically placed, as opposed to the random pile up of “clutter”.  (Does that make sense?  Maybe only in my brain?)

I’m excited for the change.  Though, this time I’m opting to slowly and strategically change out pieces – beginning with the coffee table – and “shop” my own house to freshen up existing accessories.

But like I’ve said many times before, I have a problem with commitment.  Deep down I know that two years down the road, I’ll have another manic phase, and overhaul the whole house once again (sigh.)!

Oh well…





What do you think?  Do you ever feel the need to purge your space and start over?

I’ll keep you posted on all of the changes…




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  1. I’d like to come shopping at your house…

    November 13, 2012
  2. Kirsten #

    T-double ii-na…LOVE it! Now, can I get you to come be my “clean out the crap, I mean clutter” life coach, cuz I’m needing a major purge over here at Casa de la Murphy! Seriously, way to go, it looks gorgeous! – Kirsten

    November 13, 2012
  3. That coffee table rocks! I love your style! Looks great! xo Kristin

    November 13, 2012
    • Thanks, Kristy! You’re so sweet!


      November 14, 2012

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