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What a Wonderful World…Market

I was killing some time with a friend of mine the other evening (our take out Thai food wasn’t quite ready), and we wandered into World Market across the street.  Generally known for their variety of goods, I seem to have readily categorized them as  “place to find fun gift wrapping/bags” or “place to pick up obscure Scandinavian candy”.  

However, on that night, as we breezed through the automatic sliding doors I took pause.  World Market has stepped up their game.  I was first drawn into their bath section.  In front of me was a lovely display of brightly packaged soaps (I’m a sucker for good packaging) complete with adorable, ceramic bird-topped canisters and plush patterned towels.

Never one to pass up on potential bargains, I moved further into the store (those marketing geniuses had me hooked!). I found fantastic lamps, pillows, knitted poufs, and drapery panels.  I was even impressed with their furniture pieces, which were fashionable and affordable.

My friend patiently followed me, while I snapped pictures of all the fun eye-candy.

So what began as a means to kill time, resulted in me spending $60.   The upside is that the drapery panels will look fabulous in my dining room.



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